Feedback from former students

New! A directory from former students with their feedback will be soon available.

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Former students directory

A list of former students will soon be available! You can contact them if you have questions on the master. Their feedback will also soon be updated on our website.

Scholarships amounts for 2020-2021

A total of 28800€ had been given to students selected for the excellence of their files. More precisely, 13200€ were Entering Mobility Scholarships (UBFC scholarship for coming international students) and 15600€ of Excellence scholarships were

University reopening: numbers

Our master in numbers This year, our master welcome 20 students. For its first year of opening, the M1 welcome 11 students. As for the M2, it is composed of 8 students. Important dates! Applications

The master Innovative Drugs is a course offering twin skills in molecular imaging and nanovectors for drugs and genes’ delivery. UBFC member since 2019 and taught in English, it offers students the possibility to prepare themselves for Research and the professional world, as well as adding an international value to the degree.

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