Association between the Sciences Médicales et Pharmaceutiques Faculty of the Université de Franche-Comté (Besançon) and the Sciences de Santé Faculty of the Université de Bourgogne (Dijon), the Innovative Drugs master proposes original courses allowing students to acquire twin skills in innovative drugs and diagnosis. Excellency master (ISITE-BFC since 2019, joined onto LABEX LipSTIC and EQUIPEX IMAPPI), it offers courses mainly taught in English adding an international value to students willing to be trained on new therapies such as the use of lipoproteins as drugs vectors, pharmaco-imaging or transport and targeting nanosystems.

Students are trained to research thanks to the master’s courses and laboratory internships (2 months in M1 and 6 in M2), but are also in touch with pharmaceutical industrials (Urgo, Transgène, Creathes), scientifical instrumentation (Malvern SA), contrast agents’s productors (Edimburgh Molecular Imaging) and others.

In conclusion, the master offers a complete and multipurpose training, allowing students to receive a teaching of quality and to be able, if they want to, to work internationaly on innovative therapies.


Master’s supervisors (M1 and M2):

Dr. Bertrand COLLIN

Thematical pedagogical advisors:

Nanovectorization : David MASSON (M1) and Arnaud BEDUNEAU (M2)
Pharmaco-Imaging / Drugs : Mathieu GUERRIAUD (M1) and Bertrand COLLIN (M2)
Molecular chemistry : Ewen BODIO (M1) and Anthony ROMIEU (M2)

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